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Über uns - Montibus

Montibus Asset Management manages almost half a million square meters GLA in the most important cities in Germany with a total GDV of over 3.8 billion euros (as fixed assets or planned).

Our wide-ranging expertise enables us to manage complex projects professionally and respond proactively to market requirements.

With a holistic asset management approach, we identify the success criteria for individual properties and create the safe basis for sustainable development.

The focus of our actions is responsibility for people who live and work in our buildings. Sustainability and consistency for generations.


Investment & Asset Management

  • Risk Management
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Performance Tracking based on KPI ́s
  • Value Enhancement via NOI improvements
  • Opex- and Capex-Management
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Portfoliomanagement


  • Market Analytics
  • Negotiations with existing tenants
  • Managing third party experts (brokers)
  • Identification of tenants from relevant business sectors
  • Negotiations with potential new tenants and leases
  • Developing occupation concepts (new work space)
  • Deal oriented


  • Hold / Sell Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Managing third party professionals
  • Vendor-DD support
  • VDR-management
  • Q&A Management
  • SPA negotiations


The IMFARR Group, owned by Nemat Farrokhnia, specializes in real estate development and investment.

Since its founding in 2007 the company has become one of the leading investors in the residential and the commercial real estate market in Vienna.
The focus of the IMFARR Group is on developing unique real estate projects in major Austrian and German cities, such as Frankfurt, Munich, Leipzig, and Vienna.

The lean and efficient organizational structure enables IMFARR to respond quickly to attractive investment opportunities and to adapt appropriately to changing market conditions. Short internal decision-making routes, an extensive international network, unique expertise, and tailor-made project solutions contribute significantly to successful project implementation.

Since the year 2001, Development Partner has been one of the leading developers of office properties in the sustainably good locations of the top seven regions in Germany as well as mixed-use-properties in the most central and sought-after areas of German shopping cities. The company has been one of the leading developers of high-quality and sought-after projects for the German investment market for years.

Since 2021, Development Partner has been a subsidiary of the joint venture between IMFARR Beteiligungs GmbH and YN Beteiligungen Holding AG. Our work is appreciated by both investors and users. We master the art of bringing together the different positions of investors, architects, politicians, and the public in a harmonious picture and set standards with our project developments.